A few weeks ago my husband and I welcomed our firstborn, a healthy and beautiful baby boy, into the world. Since then we have been very busy adapting to our new roles as parents which has been quite an exhausting yet enriching experience thus far. It hasn’t even been a month yet but our lives have already changed so much – instead of dreaming of the next foreign destination to visit we are now dreaming of when we will have a full night’s sleep. What a wondrous thing parenthood is! My husband and I can’t wait to see what new adventures life will bring next.

With that said updates on my blog won’t be as frequent, but don’t fret because this hiatus is temporary and I will post up new blog entries when I can. The journey never ends and every time I think my traveling days are put on hold for a while, I somehow end up in a warren of old world streets in some far flung locale. There are also numerous experiences and tips that I have yet to put to paper so be sure to check back when you have the time. Next up, how to get off the tourist path in the magical city of Venice. Stay well my friends!

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