Uganda: The Pearl of Africa


The Captain and I awake in darkness to the sounds of the jungle outside our tent.  I grab my torch and make my way out of the mosquito net that surrounds our bed toward a window.  I raise the flap and see the morning mist lingering over the forested mountains.  All my life I had dreamed of going to Africa and finally there I was with the love of my life camped out in the Ugandan wilderness.  The previous day we ventured out into the lush green jungle in search of mountain gorillas and got more than we bargained for.  Afterward we ate our packed lunch on our private deck overlooking the mountains before going on a walking tour of the village.  We met villagers including the local medicine man, learned about agriculture, sampled Ugandan waragi, and danced with the Batwa.  The Batwa are a tribal group of pygmies driven by the unrest in nearby Congo into the wilds of Uganda.  They still face discrimination, but have at least found a home safe from violence.  It seemed everywhere we went we were greeted by friendly faces and even friendlier smiles.  In all of our travels we had never felt more welcomed than by the Ugandans.


In the Footsteps of Mrs. Baker

murchison falls, worldviastandby, uganda, africa She must have been a rare woman.  The mist cleared and the sheer violence of the sight in front of me took my breath away.  The awesome breadth of the mighty Nile, forced through a narrow gap in ancient rock thundered and raged, shaking the stone to its core.  Uganda’s Murchison Falls contains the highest natural force of water in the world, but I was not the first female adventurer to behold its power… (more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

worldviastandby, hippos, africa, wildlife

Few places on Earth excite like the Nile.  From the Egyptian sands to Africa’s remote core, the Nile has embodied the lure and adventure of the unknown for millennia.  Indeed the quest for its source, hidden in the wilds of Uganda, has captivated explorers and scholars from Ptolemy and Herodotus to Stanley and Dr. Livingstone.  Here two hippos vie for dominance on the banks of the White Nile in northern Uganda; Herodotus would have found his adventurous imagination well pleased.

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