Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

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Few places on Earth excite like the Nile.  From the Egyptian sands to Africa’s remote core, the Nile has embodied the lure and adventure of the unknown for millennia.  Indeed the quest for its source, hidden in the wilds of Uganda, has captivated explorers and scholars from Ptolemy and Herodotus to Stanley and Dr. Livingstone.  Here two hippos vie for dominance on the banks of the White Nile in northern Uganda; Herodotus would have found his adventurous imagination well pleased.

Back from Cambodia

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Hi everyone!  Just got back from a week in Cambodia, and still trying to shake the jetlag from the Siem Reap-Bangkok-Tokyo-Minneapolis-Chicago routing.  I loved the country and can’t wait to share the photos and insights I learned in this beautiful nation!  In fact I think I’ll put some of the Uganda writing on hold and work on Cambodia for a bit.  Stay Tuned!

The Five People Worse Than My Baby to Sit Next To On An Airplane


We all know sitting next to a child on an aircraft isn’t one of life’s great pleasures. However, now that I’m a mother whenever I sit next to a screaming baby, the look I give the parents is one of understanding rather than reproach. In fact, in my travels abroad I have encountered a fair number of seatmates that make the screaming infant in 32C look like an angel. In that vein here are a list of the 5 worst people to ever grace the front of an airline seat. You know you’ve encountered at least one…


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